Friday, May 6, 2011

TUGE' : to write.

Tuge' fan påpa'.  Please write it down.

Bai hu tuge'.  I'll write it.

Ma tuge' gi petta.  It is written on the door.

Månge'.  To write.

Maolek hao månge'.  You are good in writing.

Måkinan månge'.  Typewriter.

Tinige'.  Writing.

Tinige' kånnai.  Manuscript.  Written by hand.

Tinige' San Juan.  The writing of Saint John.

Fantinige'an.  Archives.  FAN+WORD+AN formula.  "Place of."  "Place of writings."

Tituge'. Writer.

Fantugian.  Place of writing.  FAN+WORD+AN formula. "Place to write."

Tugie.  To write for/to. 

Bai hu tugie hao kåtta.  I will write you a letter.

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