Sunday, May 1, 2011


At the end of a May Crowning Mass of the Secular Franciscans, Pale' Jose leads in the Biba! (Long live!) Then the faithful sing the traditional farewell song to Mary :

Adios Rainan i langet / Nånan i Satbadot (Farewell Queen of Heaven / Mother of the Savior)
adios O Nånan-måme / adios, adios, adios. (Farewell, our Mother / farewell, farewell, farewell.)

Adios Nånan Yu'us / Nånan Jesus/ adios! (Farewell, Mother of God / Mother of Jesus / farewell.)

Matuna hao Maria / sa' i ginatbo-mo (You are praised Mary / because of your beauty)
ya sen matuna lokkue' / i finañagu-mo. (and most praised also / is your child.)

Then a priest says the traditional closing for all prayers in Chamorro, the first two parts in Spanish :

Åbe Maria purisima!  Sin pekado konsebida.  Åbe Maria, bula hao gråsia!
(Hail Mary most pure!  Conceived without sin.  Hail Mary, full of grace!)

And the people continue spontaneously with more Biba!

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