Tuesday, May 24, 2011


HÅLOM : enter

Hålom!  Enter!

Fanhålom!  Enter! (to three or more people)

Kao siña yo' humålom?  May I enter?

Sanhalom.  Interior.

Måno un po'lo i eskoba?  (Where did you put the broom?)  Hu po'lo guihe gi sanhalom. (I put it there inside.)

Na' hålom.  To bring inside, to make enter.

Kuånto na salåppe' un na' hålom?  How much money did you bring in?

Iya hålom.  Within.

Hu po'lo i fino'-mo iya hålom i korason-ho.  I have put your words within my heart.

Gi halom.  Within, during, among, in the midst of.

Para u ma cho'gue gi halom Misa.  It will be done during the Mass.

Bai ågang hao gi halom dies minutos.  I will call you in ten minutes.

Ti ya-ña kumuentos gi halom taotao.  He doesn't like to talk in the midst of people.

Halom tåsi.  In the sea.

Halom tåno'.  Jungle.  Literally, "in the midst of the land."

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