Wednesday, May 25, 2011


As we're heading into June, the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we look at a traditional Chamorro hymn to the Sacred Heart, "Korason Sånto."

Korason Sånto, mailague' ham / hågo Asaina, må'gas Guåhan / hågo Asaina, må'gas Guåhan.
(Sacred Heart, come to us / you are the great Lord of Guam.)

Jesus minaolek, mames yan månnge' / må'gas sasahnge yan rai-måme /
(Good Jesus, sweet and delightful / extraordinarily great and our king )

u mamaila' nai i gobietno-mo / po'lo i tronu-mo giya håme / po'lo i tronu-mo giya håme.  
(your kingdom come / place your throne among us.)

When this hymn is sung in the other islands of the Marianas, "må'gas Guåhan" has to be changed to "ma'gåse ham," or "rule over us."

The melody (you won't be surprised) is based on a Spanish hymn to the Sacred Heart.  You can hear in this clip the little differences in the melody, but it is clearly the same one.

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