Tuesday, May 3, 2011


There are two melodies used to sing the hymn "Gi Langet yan gi Tano'."  The first melody can be heard sung by a community of people in the Chamorro May Devotions post.  The clip above is the second melody.

I'll be posting periodically clips of traditional Chamorro hymns for the benefit of those who want to learn them.  Please remember the singer is rusty.  Sungon ha'.


Gi langet yan gi tano' / in na'e hao Maria (In heaven and on earth / we give you, Mary)
i flores guålo' siha / sa' Nånan-måme hao! (the flowers of our gardens / for you are our mother.)
Man måtto ham O Nåna / man magof yan man dimo; (We come oh mother / joyful and kneeling)
gi fi'on i Lahi-mo / para in nene hao. (beside your Son / in order to greet you).

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