Friday, May 20, 2011

LALÅLO' : Angry

Please don't be this today.  I'll try not to, as well.

Lalålo' yo'.  I am angry.

Cha'-mo lalalålo'!  Don't be angry!

Kao lalålo' hao?  Are you angry?

Na' lalålo'.  To make angry.

Ha na' lalålo' gue'.  S/he made her/him angry.

Linalålo'.  Anger.

Halalalo'.  Frequently angry.

Lalalue.  To be angry at, with.

Håfa na un lalalulue yo'?  Why are you angry with (at) me?

Taklalo'.  Quickly angered.  Hot-tempered.  "Tak" is a Chamorro prefix indicating the quality of "very" as in takkilo' (very high) or takpapa (very low).

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