Saturday, May 28, 2011

BABA : to open

Notice, there is no oval ( º ) over the "a."  Baba means open; båba means bad.

Baba i bentåna.  Open the window.

Baba i korason-mo.  Open your heart.

Ti siña ma baba.  It can't be opened.

Kao esta ma baba i tenda?  Is the store opened already?

Babaye.  To open for.

Babaye yo' ni petta!  Open the door for me!

There is a Communion hymn, rarely sung nowadays, that goes :

I pettan i sagrårio, påle' babaye ham!  Na' huyong i Saina-ta yan nå'e ham!
(Open to us, Father, the door of the tabernacle!  Take our Lord out and give Him to us!)

Just to throw this in : how do you say "can opener" in Chamorro?

"Abrelåta" or "baban låta."  The latter uses the native word "baba," the former is from the Spanish.

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