Monday, May 23, 2011


One of the virtues of Chamorro expressions is that even those weak in the language can pepper their English conversations with these words and phrases.

Take nai, for example.

"Take the money, nai, and go to the store!"

"You were wrong, nai!"

"When, nai, can I see you?"

Nai means "thus," "when," "where." 

Gi gimå'-mo nai gaige i patgon.  The child is at your house.

Gi ma'pos na såkkan nai mafañågo gue'.  S/he was born last year.

But, as an expression, it can also mean "you see?"

I hope, nai, you understand now, and use it, nai, in your English conversations.

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  1. Or also, "Yeah, nai, that's what I said." Kinda close to saying "duh" or "exactly"