Saturday, May 14, 2011


Hågo guennao, guåho guine/ ti umali'e dos matå-ta;
yanggen guåha malago'-mo / tuge' gi un pedåson kåtta.

Here I am, there you are / our two eyes won't meet;
if you want something / write it in a little letter.

As mentioned before, young Chamorro love had many obstacles (mama, grandma) to contend with.  These two sweethearts could rarely even see each other.  But absence makes the heart grow fonder.  It's not so much one asking if the other wants something; the petitioner him/herself wants something as well - to get a little note from the other.  Remember when we used to pass notes to each other in 4th grade?

I remember stories about one of my grand aunts getting love notes from her eventual husband.  She would hide the note by sewing it into the hem of her dress!  And they were far beyond the 4th grade!

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