Saturday, May 26, 2012


MASAHALOM : to sweat, sweat, perspire, perspiration

Masahalom yo'.  I am sweaty.

Mungnga humålom sa' masahalom hao.  Don't go in because you're sweating.

Man masahalom i famagu'on.  The children are sweating.

Na' masahalom.  Make one sweat.

Na' masahalom este na lugåt.  This place makes one sweat.

Hamasahalom.  Frequently sweats.

Hamasahalom si Bob sa' mepplo gue'.  Bob sweats a lot because he's hairy.

Cooked on the inside

Masahalom is an interesting word because it is made up of two words : måsa, which means "cooked," and hålom, which means "inside."

To sweat is to seem to be cooked on the inside, and just as any cooked dish gives off steam, we sweat as we cook on the inside.

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