Thursday, May 10, 2012


It's better to be poor than to be a thief.

An elderly woman was telling me this story.  Her husband worked for a local business.  He was in charge of the daily cash flow and was usually alone when closing up shop in the late afternoons. 

These were the days long before hidden cameras or extra security.  People trusted employees a lot more then, rightly or wrongly.  So there he was one afternoon, all alone, looking at the safe full of cash.  He told his wife, "Ilek-ho entre guåho ha', komo mañule yo' un kostat ha' na salåppe', siña yo' manhåtsa tres bibienda na guma'."

"I said to myself, if I took just one bag of cash, I could build a three-storey house."

The woman told her husband, "Mungnga!  Sa' yanggen un cho'gue ennao, siempre tåya' tåtan-ñiha i famagu'on.  Maolek-ña popble ke sakke."

"Don't!  Because if you do that, the children will have no father (who would go to jail).  Better poor than a thief."

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