Monday, May 28, 2012


Un Amerikåno måtto Guam manbisisita ya humånao gue' para un kantit para u li'e i tase.  Eståba un taotao seguridåt ya sinangåne gue' ni Amerikåno, "Peligro este na kantit.  Debe de u guaha 'sign' pot no u famoddong taotao gi tase."

Ilek-ña i guåtdia, "Ginen guaha 'sign' lao in na' suha."

"Sa' håfa?" mamaisen i Amerikåno.

"Sa' annai esta sais meses ya tåya' ni uno poddong gi tase, in na' suha."

An American came to Guam on a visit and he went to a cliff to look at the ocean.  There was a security guy there and the American told him, "This cliff is dangerous.  There should be a sign so people won't fall into the sea."

The guard said, "There used to be a sign but we removed it."

"Why?" asked the American.

"Because after six months and nobody fell into the sea, we removed it."

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