Thursday, May 31, 2012


In Chamorro culture, grandma rules.

Guåho må'gas!
I'm the boss!

But who, in the 1930s, ruled grandma?

According to an American visitor to Guam in the late 1930s, there was only one thing that could get grandma out of the house, besides church, and that was to see Shirley Temple in one of two movie theatres in Hagåtña.

Elderly grandmas in their mestisas filled the theatres to watch Shirley, not understanding a word.  But who needed to, with her winsome smile, golden curls and cutesy singing and dancing?

Mothers took their girls to the beauty salons to give their daughters Shirley Temple curls.

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  1. Pale Eric, Grandma still ruled and rules. As grandchildren we could never disturb Nana during her programs! Especially during the, "Family that stays together, prays together," hour and of course when wrestling and roller derby aired. So I could very well imagine that hardly anything would stop her going to the Shirley Temple movies.

    I enjoy your blogs and perspectives!