Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Well, at least a lot of it.

Suzette Ranillo (left) from Cebu is producing a film about the soon-to-be-canonized Blessed Pedro Calungsod.  Abigail Mangulabnan (right) works in the film project's marketing department.

Tan Elena Benavente, Chamorro, stands in front of the karosa of Bd Pedro Calungsod, Visayan

Calungsod, it will be remembered, was slain together with Sanvitores at Tomhom (Tumon) on April 2, 1672.

The interesting thing is, in talking with Suzette, she wants the film to be historically objective, portraying the Chamorros accurately and fairly, while paying homage to their countryman.

Chamorros will be recruited to play the part of Chamorros; the script and details of the filming will be looked over by Chamorros.

And, as much as possible, the Guam scenes will be filmed - on Guam.

Suzette is an award-winning actress in film, TV and stage.  Mom and dad are also actors; Mat Ranillo, Jr. and Gloria Sevilla.  Suzette is from Cebu.

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