Thursday, May 10, 2012


Curious about influential women in Guam's history?

Check out the biographies of twenty-five such women, and one female in Chamorro lore, in

Of course, at the top of anyone's list would be :
Educator and civic leader

Her influence in Chamorro society was unquestionably strong for many decades.

Another Chamorro woman who made a big impact on Guam history, though she is less known than Mrs. Johnston, is :

Co-founder of the Catholic School System on Guam

The next time you see the Academy of Our Lady of Guam, or a Sister of Mercy, or a graduate of the Academy or Cathedral Grade School, think of Sister Inez.  Invited by Bishop Baumgartner, she was one of three pioneer Mercy Sisters to come to Guam after the war to get the ball rolling with private, Catholic education.  Think of the thousands of Guam students who passed through the halls of the Mercy schools on island ever since those humble beginnings.  Sister Inez, born on Guam in 1906, lived many years in the States before the war as a Mercy sister.  Later in life she left the convent and was known by her childhood name, Mary Essie.

Read up on the others at :

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  1. Agueda Johnston is my great grandmother =)

    Although she passed before I was born, stories about her life have served as lessons for mine.

    Thank you for this post!