Tuesday, May 22, 2012

PITI IN 1827

In Spanish times, Tepungan was the village.  Piti was a part of Tepungan.


The large, dark circle shows the positions of Tepungan and nearby Piti, according to the 1944 maps used in the American invasion.

While most of the people lived in Tepungan, the pantalån or pier was located at Piti (also known as Punta Piti; Piti Point). 

A Spaniard (Manuel Sanz) described Tepungan in the year 1827.

  • There were 55 people living in the village.
  • Everything was grown in the area, including rice.  The swampy terrain, especially at Sasa, was good for rice.
  • There was a saltworks southeast of the village, producing good quality salt.

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