Tuesday, May 8, 2012


HULO' : up, on top of, above

Ha konne' gue' hulo' para i atof. S/he took him/her up to the roof.

Kao gaige hao guennao hulo'?  Are you up there?

Sanhilo'.  Above. 

Gaige gi sanhilo'.  It's on the upper part.

Ma po'lo gi hilo' i lamasa.  It was put in top of the table.

Yahulolo'.  The highest/uppermost place.

Gloria as Yu'us gi yahulolo'.  Glory to God in the highest.

Ge' hilo'.  Higher, further up.

Humilo'.  To go above, on top of. 

Humilo' tåse.  To navigate; literally "to go above the sea."

Lattilo'.  Higher.

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