Wednesday, May 2, 2012


DINGA' : double; twins of different sexes

Kao dinga' i dos chume'lo?  Are the two siblings twins?

Kalan dingå'-mo gue'!  S/he is like your twin!

Atan na mamaila' mågi i dos dinga'.  Look at the two twins coming here.

Dinga' i pachot-ña.  His/her mouth is double.  Untruthful, a liar.

Dinga' i korason-ña.  His/her heart is double.  A traitor, disloyal.

Dinga' i matå-ña.  His/her face is double (two-faced).  A hypocrite, fake.

Dinga' chålan.  Crossroads.

Repåra!  Notice!

Twins of the same gender are called gihen.  But this term has been lost in modern times.

When speaking about a matching pair, of shoes, or candlesticks and the like, one can ask "Mångge i dingå'-ña?"  "Where is its twin?"  In other words, the other shoe, or candlestick.

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