Friday, May 18, 2012


An elderly man shared with me this story when he was a teenager in the year 1950.

Agaña Heights had a little theatre, called the Majestic.  It was just a one-room building that served as a ping pong hall by day and a movie house at night.  At night when they wanted to show a movie, they just shoved the ping pong tables to the side, hoisted a little screen and lined up wooden benches for seating.

All the money made from the movies went to the parish, which was building a new church (the one that stands today).  Påle' Scot (Oscar Calvo), the pastor, not only had to approve each and every movie, he also announced them at Mass to drum up business.

So this man telling me his story says one night he and his friends waited till they turned off the lights and started the movie.  Going in, he purposely sat behind the girl of his fancy.  The girl was there with her mother and half a dozen siblings.  As it was dark, and he was strategically seated behind the girl, he put his hand on her shoulder.  Out of the blue, the mother of the girl put her hand on his!  In shock, the mother collected her half-dozen children and went straight out the door!

Such was the strictness of most parents in those days.  No daughter ever left home unaccompanied.

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