Thursday, May 31, 2012


Humosme Misa dos na sotterita, ya annai esta måkpo i Misa, mamaisen i un sotterita, "Håfa kumekeilek-ña si Påle' annai ilek-ña na annai umassagua dos na taotao, esta ti dos na uno ha'."

Manoppe i otro na sotterita, "Kumekeilek-ña si Påle' na yanggen mañom i asaguå-mo, hågo lo'lo'."

Two young ladies attended Mass, and when Mass was over, one of them asked, "What did Father mean when he said that when two people get married, they are no longer two but one."

The other young lady answered, "Father means that when your husband has a cold, it is you who coughs."

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