Sunday, May 20, 2012


Every May is the month of flowers and Mary in the Marianas.

The custom is for children to dress up as angels (even the boys dress like the Archangels) and present flowers to Mary.

In Hågat (Agat) this year, the centuries' old tradition continues.  The children weren't dressed as angels, but they sang - loudly and clearly - in Chamorro.  Some of them as young as four years old.

Not just one song, but several.

What is learned in childhood is not easily forgotten.  Haven't we met the 80-year-old who can't remember what they ate for breakfast that day, but can recite a poem they learned in 3rd grade?

Just think; perhaps the four-year-old girl in this video will be singing these Chamorro hymns, in the year 2070.  Fantastic!

Some Lyrics

1. O Rainan Måyo, paopao yan mames; magof ya un chåhlao i flores-måme.
O Queen of May, fragrant and sweet, be pleased to accept our flowers.

2. Chåhlao Nånan-måme (translated in the video)

3. Man måtto ham O Nåna man magof yan man dimo gi fi'on i Lahi-mo para in nene hao.
We come O Mother happy and kneeling beside your Son to honor you.

In na'e hao i flores guålo' siha, in na'e hao sa' Nånan-måme hao.
We give you the flowers of the gardens, we give them to you because you are our Mother.

4. Matuna hao, Nånan Yu'us, matuna hao Nånan Jesus.
Blessed are you, Mother of God, blessed are you, Mother of Jesus.

I famagu'on-mo Bithen Maria, man måtto på'go, bendise siha.
Your children, Virgin Mary, come today, bless them.

The Month of the Virgin Mary

This devotion takes place every day in May, not just the nine days/nights of a nobena.

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