Tuesday, May 22, 2012


MAHÅLANG : yearning, lonely, to miss someone or something, to yearn for, to pine after

Mahålang yo'.  I am yearning for someone/something.

Kumåkåti sa' mahålang gue' gi as nanå-ña.  She is crying because she misses her mother.

Na' mahalang.  Inducing of nostalgia, yearning.

Na' mahalang este na lugåt.  This place makes me nostalgic.

Mahalånge.  To pine after someone/something.

Håye un mahalålånge?  Who are you missing?

Minahålang.  Loneliness, nostalgia

Humånao gue' para California lao ha bira gue' tåtte Guam sa' pot i minahalång-ña.  S/he went to California but came back to Guam because s/he missed Guam.

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