Sunday, July 17, 2011


Built in Hagåtña in 1911
Still Standing

Jose Pangelinan Lujan, at age 20, built this house - one of the few pre-war structures still standing in Hagåtña.  Not only does it still stand, it is intact - a tribute to Lujan's craftsmanship for he indeed built it with his own hands.  The Guam Institute, the island's only private school during the pre-war American period, was situated here for a long while.  The house is now the office of the Guam Preservation Trust.  The Centennial celebration of the house was celebrated yesterday, July 16.

Three daughters of the late Mr. Lujan (known affectionately as Tun Pepe) and his late wife Dolores (Tan Lola) survive : Mrs. Ana L. Carrillo, Mrs. Luisa L. Edquilane and Mrs. Carmen L. Glenfield.  They were present at the ceremony and took a walk down memory lane looking at mementos of the house's history.

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