Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Et Dicho!

The very one! The very same!

This comes from the Spanish "el dicho," literally meaning "the said," that is, "the very one, or thing, mentioned."

"Tan Maria, håye un espipia?"  Tan Maria, who are you looking for?
"Si Påle'."  Father.
"Si Påle' Juan?"  Father Juan?
"Et dicho."  The very same.
Or :
"Håye fumåhan este siha na nengkanno'?"  Who bought this food?
"Si Carmen."  Carmen did.
"Si Carmen che'lun Maria?"  Carmen, Maria's sister?
"Et dicho." The very one!

It can also mean, "the previously mentioned, the aforementioned."

"Ginen guåha un taotao ni ma fana'an si Buyo'.  Et dicho Buyo' bulachero gue'."

There was a man named Buyo'.  Said Buyo' was a drunkard.

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