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This was an Aniguåk name.  By 1897, there was one person on Guam left with this last name.  She was Maria Soyoña, married to Pedro Terlaje.  She had at least one son Vicente, who married Josefa Salas and had children, so there is a branch of Terlajes on Guam with Soyoña blood.

Aniguåk used to have its own municipal officials before it was united with Hagåtña and became just a district of the capital city.  When it had its own officials, there was an Ignacio Soyoña and a Manuel Soyoña serving in various positions in Aniguåk in the 1840s.  But by the 1890s, the male members of the family had all died out and eventually the surname did as well.

The name is probably Sohyoña.  Sohyo means to "encourage."  I used this word a lot when I made announcements or preached in Chamorro :

I encourage you to confess during Lent.  Hu sosohyo hamyo para en fangonfesat gi durånten i Kuaresma.
I encourage you to bring your kids to CCD.  Hu sosohyo hamyo para en kekenne' mågi i famagu'on-miyo para i Dottrina.

And so on.

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