Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Japanese Consul General pays respects at Mañenggon

Do you want to know how bad it was in Mañenggon in July 1944?

I talked to an 83-year-old woman, a Mañenggon survivor.
She said,

"I can talk to you about the war.  But you'll never get me to talk about those two weeks in Mañenggon."

(by Susie Reyes Arceo, a Mañenggon Survivor)

1. Fanohge todos hit ni man Chamorro,
ta saluda este i tano'-ta;
puede siña ta konsige este mo'na
i man maså'pet gi tiempon gera.

Maila' ta hasso Mañenggon;
ta fan danña' todos ni man Chamorro
ya ta hasso todo i fina'pos-ta;
laknos i binibun korason-ta.

2. Hahasso todo siha i man måtai,
ni man ma puno' gi tiempon gera;
ya ta nå'e si Yu'us ma'åse'
na man lålå'la' hit para siha.

3. Mañe'lu-ho hahasso este na gera,
man maså'pet yan man malångo;
mutcho mås todos siha i man måtai
ni manaigue guine på'go.

1. Let us Chamorros all rise; let us salute our land; may we be able to continue this further; those who suffered in the time of war.
Chorus : Let us remember Mañenggon; let us all come together, Chamorros; and remember all our past; express the anger in our hearts.
2. Remember all the dead; who were killed in time of war; and give God thanks; that we live for their sakes.
3. Brethren, remember this war; those who suffered and were ill; but above all those who died; who are not present here today.

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