Monday, July 11, 2011


Si Señot Juan E. Garcia, ni mås ma tungo'-ña as Garcy, ha setbe i komunidat giya Agaña Heights komo commissionern-ñiha desde et åño 1969 asta et åño 1976.  På'go, gi annai 88 åños edåt-ña, esta ti siña humuyong sesso i amko'.  Ennao mina' mangontråta unos kuåntos na man hagas na commissioner yan mayor siha para u ma bisita si Garcy un talo'åne.  Manguentos, ma kantåye pues binendise si Garcy gi as Påle'.  Despues, todos man amotsan talo'åne.  Ta hahasso i sinangan i Saina-ta : "Annai malångo yo', un bisita yo'."  (Mateo 25:36)

Juan E. Garcia, better known as Garcy, was commissioner of Agaña Heights from 1969 till 1976.  He is now 88 years old and doesn't often leave the house.  So, some former commissioners and mayors decided to go to his house and pay him a visit.  There was lots of conversation, some singing and a blessing imparted on Garcy by the priest.  Of course, there was lunch served for all.  As Christ said, "I was sick and you visited me." (Matthew 25:36)

It impressed me to see the Gospel in action, as there was one former mayor from Yigo in the north, and another from Malesso in the south, and all those in between, who drove many miles (most of them in their 80s as well) to cheer up a former colleague in his old age and physical weakness.

The human touch is one of the things that makes Guam special.

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