Monday, July 18, 2011


Let's move north of Guam to the only island in the Marianas where the Spaniards allowed the people to stay on their land and not move to Guam - the island of Luta or Rota.

The Ayuyu family is named after the coconut crab, so-called because they often feast on fallen coconuts and can crack them open with their powerful claws.  Don't touch one.

The Ayuyus seem to be descended from one of the following three men :

Mariano Maratita Ayuyu (born around 1836) : he married Teresa Matantaotao

Jose Ayuyu (born around 1860) : married Luisa Borja Atalig

Andres Ayuyu (born around 1859) : married Josefa Masga

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  1. 1.Jose Ayuyu's wife was Luisa de Borja Atalig, b.1868.
    2.Lorenzo Ayuyu, b.1860 married Ana Consolacion de Borja Atalig, b.1864.
    Note: Ana Consolacion and Luisa were sisters and belonged to the Kaban Family. Their parents were Geronimo Angoco Atalig & Maria Sablan de Borja. I don't know if there's a relation between Lorenzo and Jose.