Tuesday, June 21, 2011


PAOPAO : fragrant; also perfume or cologne

Paopao.  It smells good.

Paopao i gapot ilu-mo!  Your hair smells good!

Ti ya-ho sa' ti paopao.  I don't like it because it doesn't smell nice.

Pinaopao.  Fragrance.

Ei na pinaopao!  My what fragrance!

Na' paopao.  To make fragrant.

Na' paopao i kuåtto.  Make the room smell nice.

Paopågue.  To spread a fragrance.

Ha paopågue i gima'.  S/he spread a fragrance in the house. 

Si Påle' ha paopågue insensio.  The priest made it smell of incense.

Ha nå'ye gue' paopao.  S/he put perfume/cologne on her/him.

Mångge i paopao?  Where's the cologne/perfume?

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