Friday, June 24, 2011


Mount Carmel Cemetery
Chalan Kanoa
As late as 1914, Chamorros were still writing some of the låpida (grave stones) in Spanish.  This one says :

Aquí llasen los restos mor-
tales de Leonardo Camach-
o y Muña que falleció el
día 28 de Julio de 1914, a los
47 años  y 1 mes de edad.
Dedica este recuerdo de
su esposa e hijos.  Rogar
por el eterno descanso
de su alma.

Rest in Peace.
Here lie the mortal remains of
Leonardo Muña Camacho,
who died on July 28, 1914 at the age of
47 years and one month.
This memorial is dedicated by
his wife and children.
Pray for the eternal repose
of his soul.
May he rest in peace.

The RIP is Latin for "Requiescat in Pace," meaning "Rest in Peace."  The QEPD is Spanish for "Que en paz descanse," or "May he rest in peace." "Llasen" should have been spelled "llacen."  The family re-painted the låpida, tracing the grooves left behind in the original, and, not being Spanish speakers, there are a few glitches.

By 1914, the Germans had been governing Saipan for 15 years, but the Spanish influence was still very strong (even to this day, to some extent,  in religious customs).

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