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Lest we forget :

GIMEN = to drink
Gumimen yo'.  I drank. (UM infix)
Gumigimen yo'.  I am drinking. (Duplication)

HÅNAO = go.
Humånao yo'.  I went. (UM infix)
Humåhånao yo'.  I am going. (Duplication)

For TODAY'S lesson : Using the UM infix with ACTOR-FOCUSED VERBS

In Chamorro, we can look at verbs from either the point of view of the act itself (ACTION-FOCUSED) or from the one doing the act (ACTOR-FOCUSED).

Examples of ACTOR-FOCUSED verbs :

WHO drank the coffee?  Håye gumimen i kafe?
JOHN drank the coffee.  Si Juan gumimen i kafe.

WHO took you here?  Håye kumonne' hao guine mågi?
HE took me here.  Guiya kumonne' yo' guine mågi.

WHO took the key?  Håye chumule' i yabe?
THEY took the key.  Siha chumule' i yabe.

WHO is watching the child?  Håye pumupulan i patgon?  (Notice the duplication)
ANA is watching the child.  Si Ana pumupulan i patgon.


Fåhan = to buy
Fa'tinas = to make
Lamasa = table
Tuge = write
Lepblo = book
Penta = to paint
Åtof = roof

Translate :

1. Who bought the titiyas?  Juan bought the titiyas.
2. Who made the table?  Jose made the table.
3. Who wrote the book?  Maria wrote the book.
4. Who is painting the roof?  Vicente is painting the roof. (Hint : duplication)

Answers tomorrow

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