Friday, June 3, 2011


Some time ago I mentioned the bodega, or basement, of the Malesso Konbento, the oldest continually inhabited residence in the Marianas, yet alone Guam.

Here is a bodega as seen in one of the pre-war homes of Inalåhan. 

The bodega was usually made of mamposteria, a mix of lime mortar and stone.

Some homes were entirely made of mamposteria; in other homes only the bodega was, and the upper level was made of wood, as in the house above.

The bodega was used as a cellar or storage space.  Keeping the actual living quarters of the family above the bodega was practical.  It kept some critters out, and in case of flooding, the bodega got flooded and one might lose bags of pugas (rice grain) and mai'es (corn), but the family could still have shelter on the floor above.

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