Thursday, June 9, 2011


It's so important to laugh and take joy in the simple pleasures of life.  Sen månnge' para ta fañålek ya ta agradese i otdinårio yan diårio na bendision ni ha nånå'e hit si Yu'us.

You know, we have a lot of great treats in our Chamorro cuisine.

Merienda is a snack in between lunch (na' talo'åne or atmotsan talo'åne) and dinner (sena).  My grandma usually had it around 4pm.  The following foods in the clip make great na' merienda (merienda snacks).

In this video clip, we see :

APIGIGI - månha (young coconut meat), tapioca, sugar, wrapped in banana leaf.  The smell of semi-burnt banana leaf adds that special flavor to it.

EMPANÅDA - usually chicken in corn meal and achote, but here they made it with corned beef!  Will wonders never cease?

TAMÅLES MENDIOKA - made with mendioka (tapioca)

TAMÅLES GISU - corn meal, partially with achote, and a strip of bacon. 

POTO - spongy, sweet rice cakes (tuba or coconut toddy makes all the difference)

TITIYAS MÅNHA - flat bread made with månha (young coconut meat)

But wait a minute; what about :

Roskete - Latiya - Kalamai - Boñuelos - Buchibuchi - Påstet - Konsetba - Goyoria - Åhu - Coconut Candy - Champulådo - Pån Tosta - Broas - Madoya - Etc - Etc - Etc

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