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The Spanish colonial government periodically sent to Manila reports evaluating the work of the various civil officials in the Marianas.  The following summaries are about the Chamorros serving in the colonial government in 1871, specifically in the Chamorro Militia.

JOSE AGUILAR - He was the Captain of the Compañía de Dotación, which was the Chamorro militia.  There was an Aguilar family on Guam - Chamorros - some of whom at least were Pangelinans on their mother's side.  An Aguilar woman married a Torres and their descendants became known as the Agilåt Torreses, because of their mother's last name.  Jose Aguilar was described as someone who perfectly fulfilled his duties; possessing the firmness to fulfill them; was blindly obedient to his orders; had much love for Spain.

JUSTO DE LA CRUZ - Second-in-command of the Dotación (Militia).  Was described as lacking firmness but one who fulfills well what he is ordered to do.  He was of good conduct and was a lover of Spain ("amante de España").

JOSE RIVERA PEREZ - Second Lieutenant or Ensign of the Dotación.  Was described as lacking much talent, but who was very exact and obedient in fulfilling orders.  "Passionately loves" Spain and its government.  Was well-informed of all police matters and no one was better than him in providing these services, as he was a constant pursuer of criminal elements in the community.

ANDRES DE CASTRO - 1st Adjutant of the Dotación.  Lacked much education but who had sufficient practical knowledge; very punctual, possessed much will and did his job satisfactorily.  He was assiduous in his work.

JOSE HERRERO - 2nd Adjutant of the Dotación.  Had enough intelligence to fulfill his work with exactness, though without all the necessary firmness.  He had numerous children whom he loved with special affection, and he had a love for Spain.

VICENTE OLIVARES CALVO - Captain of the Port.  Son of Felix Noriega Calvo.  Though he had no Chamorro blood, he was a long-time resident of Guam and part of the Calvo clan that eventually married into Chamorro families (Anderson, Perez, etc).  Described as someone alert in the execution of his duties, who gets on very well with everyone and who is very esteemed in the island.

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