Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Some words may be a little tricky when trying to insert the UM infix.  Like :

Åsson (to lie down).  Since the word starts with a vowel, the UM comes before the word. Umåsson.

To duplicate, åsson become å'åsson

Putting the UM in å'åsson becomes umå'åsson.

Let's try another word.  Åguåguåt.  (To be stubborn, obstinate in misbehaving.)

Again, UM comes at the beginning of the word.  Umåguåguåt.

In duplicating, it becomes å'åguåguåt.  Thus - umå'åguåguåt.

Umåsson yo'.  I lied down.  Umå'åsson yo'.  I am lying down.

Umåguåguåt gue'.  She was/became stubborn.  Umå'åguåguåt gue'.  She is being stubborn.

Try now, on your own, with....

Ekungok (to listen)
O'son (to become weary of)
O'mak (to shower or bathe)
Ugong (to moan, groan)

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