Thursday, June 16, 2011


The informal way we call on people at their homes is to cry out "HOI'!"

I stress the word informal.  Calling out "Hoi'!" can be considered rude, depending on whom you are calling.

The more polite way to call on a home is to say "Åbe Maria purisima."  (Hail, Mary most pure.)  If there are people home, they will respond, "Sin pekådo konsebida." (Conceived without sin.)

But it is perfectly acceptable to say "Hoi'!" if you are calling on someone you know well who is at least not higher than you in status.


There is a saying, when someone was physically there but never bothered to make verbal contact with you.

Jose : Kao måtto si Kiko? (Did Kiko come?)
Juan : Måtto, lao ni hoi ni goi. (He came, but didn't say a word.)

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