Sunday, June 19, 2011

In honor of the upcoming procession (lukao) on Corpus Christi, here's a Chamorrita verse about what to do when you see a lukao.

An gumupo si paluma / ya tumohge gi un trongkon paipai,
y'an un li'e mågi i likao / dimu påpa' ya un fanaitai.

When the bird flies / and lands on the paipai tree,
when you see a procession coming / kneel down and pray.
Single lance leaves of the paipai tree

The paipai tree is considered endemic to Guam, though it is found on other islands in the Marianas.  Its scientifc name is Guamia mariannae to reflect that.  The wood of this tree was used for the frames of roofs of houses, as well as for the handles of the fusiños or thrust hoe.  It is not resistent to termites.

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