Tuesday, June 7, 2011



You knock at the door of a friend's house.

You hear her screaming at her kid, who is noisily running away, knocking furniture over.

She opens the door and, apologizing for the ruckus, invites you in.

You : "Håfa, Maria, tatatmanu hao?"  (How are you, Maria?)
She : "Ai, dispensa.  Todo yo' ha na' bubu!"  (Excuse me.  He really made me angry!)
You : "Håye?"  (Who?)
She : "Si pendeho, nai!"  (That little rascal!)


This term, which is Spanish, is highly offensive in some parts of the Spanish-speaking world, depending on the country.

Para nuestros visitas hispanohablantes

"Pendejo" no es tan fuerte en nuestro idioma como en otros países.  Entre los chamorros, esta palabra significa simplemente una persona pícara o fresca, o también un sinvergüenza.

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