Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Marianas, especially Guam, were used by the Spaniards as a presidio, or prison, for convicts from the Philippines and Spain.  To feed these deportados (deported convicts), the government had to send supplies by ship from Manila to Guam.  The cargo had to be moved from the large ship anchored in Apra Harbor (San Juan de Apra) by smaller boats to Punta Piti (Piti Point) where a påntalån (pier) like the one above could receive them.  From Piti, the supplies made their way to Hagåtña by cart.

The following Chamorro boat owners and the men they hired hauled cargo for the Spaniards in March of 1876.  They were duly paid by the government for doing so.  The owner got 50 centavos a day for the work; the workmen 25 centavos.

Andres de los Santos - owner
Joaquin Mafnas, Luis de Leon Guerrero, Juan Blas, Pedro Gumataotao.

Jose Quintanilla - owner
Antonio Finoña, Vicente Ada, Cenen de los Santos, Lucas de los Santos

Jose de la Concepcion - owner
Pedro de los Santos, Ignacio Peredo, Pedro Baza, Jesus Muña

Pedro Taitano - owner
Juan Arceo, Jose de Salas, Mariano Garcia, Jose Lizama

Always four men and an owner.

(Source : Philippines National Archives)

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