Monday, April 30, 2012


The village of Sumay is gone.

But not its cemetery.

Most of the lápida (gravestones) are now nameless slabs of stone.  But a few remain, in Spanish, Chamorro and English, to the extent that we can come up with a list of the people buried here :

This list is long, but some names are missing, such as Concepcion Perez, whose Spanish lápida I saw for myself, lying on the ground in this cemetery.

The Sumay baptismal records survived the war, so even if the cemetery did not survive, or even if it survived but most lápida are unidentifiable at this time, those baptismal records provide us much valuable family information.

For us Hagåtña people, we lost both the baptismal records and our cemetery (Pigo') to American bombardment.  Ai ke lástima!

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