Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This hymn is in the Guam Lepblon Kånta (church hymnal) but it isn't sung much on Guam today and is largely forgotten.

But they still sing it in Saipan, and frequently.  A song about the sorrowful Mother, it isn't just for Lent, but for funerals and for feasts of the Bithen Dolorosa (Lady of Sorrows).


Nånan pinite, Nånan ma guaiya
Po'lo ya guåho hu sångan a'gang
I masapet-mo piniten nåna
Nu i lahi-mo ni i ma klåba.
(Sorrowful Mother, beloved Mother
let me tell loudly
your suffering, a mother's pain
for your Son who was nailed.)

Si Jesukristo, Yu'us yan taotao
Låhen Maria guiya na maisa
Ma konne' preso kalan ataktak
Ya ma sentensia para u måtai.
(Jesus Christ, God and man
the only son of Mary
was taken prisoner as if a rebel
and He was sentened to die.)

Ma konne' hulo' nu i linahyan
Ma na' ma tomba sesso gi chalan.
Annai tinaggam nu i Nanå-ña
I na pinite maulek-ña måtai!
(He was taken up by the crowds
they made Him fall frequently on the road
When He was met by His Mother
oh what grief, it would be better to die!)

Ya i Katbårio nai ma sen anña'
Ma na' tai dahok i tataotao-ña
Ya ma atåne addeng kannai-ña
Gi trongkon håyo kalan gue' gå’ga’.
(And it was on Calvary that they truly beat Him
they stripped His body of His clothing
and they nailed His feet and hands
on a piece of wood, as if He were an animal.)

Ayo nai hågo mames na Nåna
Humihot guihe gi echongñå-ña.
Hokkok mala’la’ hulo' yan påpa'
Ya gi me'nå-mo tumånges a'gang.
(That is why you, sweet Mother
came closer there by His side.
He was thoroughly skinned, above and below
and He wailed loudly before you.)

Ilek-ña guihe, "Adios, palaoan;
Lahi-mo ennao, hågo Nanå-ña."
Bula pinite, tumekkon måtai
si Jesukristo i Lina'lå'-ta.
(He said there, "Farewell, woman;
There is your son, you are his Mother."
Full of pain, He bowed His head and died,
Jesus Christ, our Life.)

Nånan pinite, Nånan ma guaiya
po'lo ya guåho hu tånges a'gang
si Jesukristo gi finatai-ña
yan hågo lokkue' mames na Nåna.
(Sorrowful Mother, beloved Mother
let me weep loudly
for Jesus Christ at His death
and for you Sweet Mother.)


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