Friday, April 13, 2012


Ungacta is an indigenous Chamorro name.

It is derived from the Chamorro word ungak, which means "to knock off balance, to tilt, to bend to one side."

A Chamorro hymn about the Holy Cross says, "Ungak på'pa' i ramås-mo."  "Bend down your branches," referring to one side of the beam of the cross, so that the singer can kiss Jesus hanging there.


From all appearances, anyone named Ungacta today is a descendant of Don Miguel Cruz Ungacta of Hagåtña.  The fact that he is named "Don" in the 1897 Guam Census shows that he had held some civic position (former neighborhood leader or justice of the peace, for example).  "Don" is equivalent to "Sir."

He may have had a sister Maria, married to Pedro Baza.

Miguel was married to Maria de Leon Guerrero Perez, the daughter of Cesareo Aguon Perez and Nieves de Leon Guerrero.

The family is still very much associated with the capital city, with an Ungacta holding the position of mayor for many years.

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