Saturday, April 28, 2012


This bridge....

.....NOT this one.

Tollai Åtcho or San Antonio Bridge

A Chamorro man (Juan) living in the States called up his påre (Jose) on Guam.

Jose : Pues, håfa påre un huhungok pot Guam? (So what påre are you hearing about Guam?)
Juan : Na man ma huchom todo i chalan siha giya Hagåtña.  (That they've closed all the streets in Hagåtña.)
Jose : Måno adai påre na un chule' ayo na infotmasion?  (Where påre did you get that information?)
Ayo ha' na chålan i ma huchom i gaige gi tellai. (Only the street at the bridge is closed.)
Juan : Desde i mafañagu-ho påre tåya' na hu hungok na guaha tollai giya Hagåtña. (Ever since I was born I have never heard of a bridge in Hagåtña.)
Jose : Ya håfa nai eye i Tellai Åtcho! (And what then is the Tollai Åtcho?)
Juan : Hu'u nai lao tåya kareta maloloffan guennao!  (Sure, but no car ever goes over it!)

The "Agaña Bridge" they are working on now is so small that many people don't even realize they are driving over a bridge!  It blends in with the road.

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