Thursday, April 12, 2012


Plaza de España, Hagåtña
Before 1930

I can tell this was taken before 1930 because the Saint Vincent de Paul Hall isn't built yet.  That Hall, with two floors, was built adjacent the Cathedral on the west side and would have been visible from this vantage point.  The little building that is seen next to the Cathedral in this photo was taken down to make room for that Hall.  My guess would be this photo was taken in the mid to late 1920s.

The Kiosko (built by the Americans, not the Spaniards) is on the left.  Some kind of group formation, more than likely from the schools rather than militia, is taking place.

Plaza de España, Hagåtña

The original Kiosko is still there, and much of the concrete foot path and the arches.  The new Cathedral is bigger and doesn't go as far back on the property as the pre-war one.  Instead of the konbento directly behind the Cathedral, today we have the Academy Gym in that spot.


That the Plaza de España wasn't always called the Plaza de España?

At one time it was called the Plaza de Magallanes.  What?  Magallanes is the Spanish form of the name Magellan.  Chamorros pronounced it Ma - ga - yå - nes, with a Y as in Yigo.

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