Friday, April 6, 2012


Our last Lenten hymn till next year.


Atituye Kilisyåno i sinantos kilu'us
(Reflect O Christian on the most holy cross)
Annai måtai ma atåne i magåhet na Yu'us.
(Where the true God died by crucifixion.)
Mames lulok, mames håyo ni umuma si Jesus.
(Sweet nails, sweet wood which carried Jesus.)

The song borrows from the ideas sung about in a Latin hymn, "Crux Fidelis."  One of its verses talks about the cross being the noblest tree in the world, which produces the best fruit, our redemption through Christ's sacrifice on the cross.  It speaks of "dulce lignum, dulces clavos," "sweet wood, sweet nails," just as in the Chamorro version.

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