Sunday, April 29, 2012


Very early in the American administration, Chamorro women were recruited to be trained as nurses. 

When the Japanese occupied Guam in late 1941, these Chamorro nurses had to work under Japanese doctors and supervisors.  Local interpreters were provided, and occasionally a Saipanese interpreter came around.  One of the duties of these nurses was to treat Chamorros arrested and beaten by the Japanese.

In the photo, the Chamorro nurses are all in the three back rows; the two front rows are made up of Japanese and one Chamorro male.

Starting from the highest row in back, from left to right, are :

Josefina A. Meno, Magdalena San Nicolas, Cristina Lizama Parks, Rosa Farfan Mendiola, Soledad Demapan Tai, Petronila Materne Borja and Catalina Taitingfong Thomas .

In the 2nd row : Socorro Manalisay Rivera, Antonia L.G. Arceo, Maria Matanane Tuncap, Joaquina Siguenza, Ana S.N. Sanford, Rita Gogue James and Maria Flores.

In the 3rd row : Simplicia Salas Galinada, Rose Taitano, Maria Aguon Garcia, Catalina Santos Burger, Concepcion Santos Burger, Engracia Lujan Flores and Amanda Guzman Shelton.

(Identified by Amanda Shelton)

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