Friday, April 27, 2012


The Spanish always recruited native Chamorros to be a part of the island military and police force.  In 1848, the following were the officers and some other positions of the Chamorro force :

José Joaquín de la Cruz - Captain (Capitán)

José Martínez - Lieutenant (Teniente)

José Flores - 2nd Lieutenant (Subteniente)

Bernardino Lizama - 1st Sergeant (Sargento Primero)

Felipe Lizama - 2nd Sergeant (Sargento Segundo)

José Aguilar - 2nd Sergeant (Sargento Segundo)

José Aguon - 2nd Sergeant (Sargento Segundo)

José de León Guerrero - Drummer (tambor)

Mariano San Nicolás - another drummer (otro)

Ramón Borja - Corporal (Cabo)

Alejandro de León Guerrero - Corporal (Cabo)

Rosauro Cruz - Corporal (Cabo)

Don José de Torres - Corporal Cadet 2nd Lieutenant (Cabo Cadete Subteniente)

Don Vicente Martínez - Corporal Cadet 2nd Lieutenant (Cabo Cadete Subteniente)

Don Vicente de Torres - Distinguished Soldier (Soldado Distinguido)

Although there were no real wars going on in the Marianas in the 19th century, don't forget that the Marianas were often used as a place of exile for criminal and political convicts.  Sometimes their numbers were few, sometimes their numbers rose to the hundreds.  Guards were needed to keep an eye on them, supervise their labor and even run after them when a few would escape into the bushes or hills.

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