Friday, April 29, 2011

MAIPE : hot

It reached 93º F in Guam today, so it was maipe.  In a month or so, you'll be saying the same thing on the West Coast.

Maipe på'go na ha'åne.  It is hot today.

Kao para u maipe agupa'?  Will it be hot tomorrow?

Adahe sa' maipe i lauya.  Be careful, the pot is hot.

Minaipe.  Heat.  It can also mean "fervor."

Ti siña hu sungon este na klåsen minaipe.  I cannot endure this kind of heat.

Bai hu cho'gue yan todo i minaipen hinalom-ho.  I will do it with all the fervor I have in me.

Na' maipe.  To make hot.  It can also mean "to make angry."

Na' maipe i nengkanno'.  Heat up the food.

Bai hu na' maipe?  Shall I heat it up?

Ha na' maipe yo' magåhet!  S/he really enfuriated me.

Fanmaipian.  Time of heat.  Summer.  FAN+WORD+AN formula.  Means "place of" or "time of."

I have also heard of two other, interesting ways maipe has been used by the man åmko'.

1. When someone's word is powerful.  For example, if grandma warns the young grandson that his ways are bad and will bring him sorrow, and years later the grandson gets himself in trouble, people say of the grandma, "Maipe i fino'-ña."  Her word is hot.

2. To describe the child that replaces a prior child who died in infancy.

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  1. Thank you for these lessons! These are really helpful for those of us trying to learn the language. :)