Friday, April 22, 2011


"Sånto Entiero" is a phrase taken from the Spanish which means "Holy Burial."  A "Misan Entiero," for example, means a "funeral Mass."  The centerpiece of traditional Chamorro Good Friday devotions after the official liturgy is the Santo Entiero, a statue depicting the deceased Christ lying in repose.

My grandmother's sister, Ana Torres Reyes, was the caretaker of the Sånto Entiero in Sinajaña.  No expense was spared every year to clothe it in the best and even to procure a wig made of real human hair.  It is a fine statue, with excellent, life-like details.

This has to be one of the finest, most human-like representations of the dead Christ we have on Guam.

Notice the excellent detail of the hands.

Venerating the Sånto Entiero in Agaña Heights.

In Dededo, Santa Barbara parish has a larger than life-sized Sånto Entiero.

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