Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HÅNAO : to go, leave, depart

Bai hu hånao esta.  I'm already going to leave.

Kao para un hånao?  Are you going to leave?

Humåhanao.  S/he is leaving (going).

Manhånao para i tenda.  They left for the store.

Hånao fañule' hånom.  Go look for water.

Hahanao.  Someone who goes (around) frequently.

Ti hahanao si Ana.  Ana doesn't go around much.

Hanågue (sometimes hanaogue).  To send to, to go to.

Kao guåha para un hanågue?  Do you have to go somewhere?

Hu na' hanågue hao kostat pugas.  I sent you a bag of rice.

Hinanao.  Journey, voyage, departure, manner of going about.

Ti ya-ho hinanao-ña.  I don't like his conduct.

Tunas hinanao-ña.  S/he is a righteous person.  (Literally, his/her conduct is correct.)

Na' hånao.  To send.

Hu na' hånao si Jose para i tenda.  I sent Jose to the store.

From a Chamorro song :

"Pues hånao nene gi karera-mo, sa' enao på'go minalago'-mo, lao hahasso un fino'-ho, na tåya' håfa bida-ho."  (So go, darling, on your way, for that is your wish today, but remember my one word, that I have done nothing wrong.)

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